How to Stage a Home

How to stage a home is a great question to ask when you decide to sell your place. Obviously, your plate is full when you decide to move.

As a seasoned real estate advocate, I assure you this process pays off handsomely. Put simply, when you stage a home, it adds value and gets a quick sale.

Consequently, I have plenty of tips on how to stage a home so it gets the attractive offers you want. Be assured that when you take these steps, you do justice both to your home and your bottom line.

Pro Tip #1 – Clear Clutter

When it comes time to stage your home, you want to strike a good balance between clean lines and coziness. An empty home is cold and foreboding, but one that has clear countertops, spacious closets, and clear pathways seems spacious and inviting.

As a result, it’s a good idea to rent a storage space for as many personal items as possible. Furthermore, leave only a few decorative touches, like a flourishing potted plant in the living room, an attractive soap dispenser in the bathroom, and empty wooden hangers in the master closet.

Focus On the Big Three

When you learn how to stage a home, you discover there are three spaces that have the biggest return on investment (ROI). When these rooms look move-in ready, prospective buyers place bids. As a matter of fact, I always give this advice to people who want to sell their homes:

How to Stage a Kitchen

The kitchen is a big point of sale, so make sure it is properly staged. Whenever I am asked how to stage a home, I tell people that their kitchen should look, feel, and smell fresh. First, shine the faucets so they gleam. Secondly, clear the counters of everything but the toaster and coffee maker so the kitchen feels spacious. Finally, remove all garbage, recycling, and pet-related items from this room.

Home Stage Your Living Room

The number one tip to stage a living room is to remove heavy furniture. This makes the area look more spacious and inviting. In addition, pare down bookshelves and color-code the books, then sort the volumes by size. This makes a great visual impact that lends style to your living room.

How to Stage a Home’s Master Suite

A master suite that is restful and inviting can sell your house. Draw the curtains to let in natural light; if privacy is a concern, hang a pale sheer curtain. Use clean, crisp, fresh bed linens that are neutral colors. Finally, remove all furniture but the bed, dresser, and side tables. To make the room look more spacious, place a full-length mirror in the corner.

Pro Tip #2 – Fix Imperfections

Predictably, many people postpone fix-it jobs until they decide to move. Although it’s tempting to leave these projects for the next homeowners, I advise that you attend to them before you put your house on the market. Squeaking doors, broken tiles, and chipped paint detract from the value of your home. When you want to know how to stage a home properly, it’s critical to correct these little imperfections.

How to Stage a Home with Plants

One of the best ways to improve your home’s appearance is with fresh flowers. Add colorful bouquets to tables in the entryway, living room, and dining room. One of my favorite things to use is fresh bunches of eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s—they look and smell fantastic! Avoid the temptation of silk plants and flowers; they just don’t have the same impact as real greenery. In addition, a bowl heaped with fresh fruit adds life to any kitchen.

Pro Tip #3 – Deep Clean Everything to Successfully Stage a Home

Last but not least—and I can’t emphasize this enough—deep clean your home from top to bottom. That includes carpets. If your appliances, light fixtures, and windows sparkle, you increase your chance to sell your home at a good price. As an advocate and guide for sellers, I can safely say that the first thing potential buyers notice upon entering a home is its smell. Therefore, it’s smart to invest in a professional service to deep clean your home.

A Realtor Who Knows How to Stage a Home

As a real estate professional who advocates for sellers every step of the way, I am happy to share my insight on how to stage a home. Furthermore, I have a team of professional photographers, home stagers, and deep cleaners to assist with the process. Without doubt, selling your home is a big job, but I’m here to make it as seamless as possible. Get in touch so we can start the process. I look forward to working with you!